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Synthetic Ice Rink Sales - Enjoy Ice Skating Any Time!
A New Generation Super-Glide synthetic ice skating rink (32’ x 56’) is for sale. You can keep the business on great lease terms with a 2 week support of the owner. Or you can move it to any other city or place.
The reason of sale: the owner became the distributor of synthetic ice rinks in Russia.
The rink is fully equipped and operable and includes:
·New generation Super-Glide heavy duty synthetic ice panels (4’x8’): 56 pcs
·Super-Glide underlayment panels (4’x8’): 56 pcs - highly recommended for outdoor and not perfectly even surface
·Ice skates (used): 80 pairs
·Ice skate sharpener: 1 pc
·Ice Skating Enhancer: 1 gal (min 3 month supply)
·Helmets: 10 pcs
·Fencing, shelves
·DJ lights, speakers, amplifier, fog machine

The rink was used inside for a little more than 2 years on one side only and is in perfect condition. Factory warranty on these panels - 10 years, estimated time of durability - 20-25 years.

The rink is a great source for business opportunities - we’re eager to share all our expertise in synthetic ice skating rink operation. Awesome as a ice skating/ice hockey practicing facility, commercial or private rink.

Return of Investment (ROI) - less than 1 year.

Price: $ 34.900*
Two hardly used new generation synthetic ise skating Super-Glide Heavy Duty panels (size: 4’ x 8’ x 0.5”; 78 lbs), so you can have a mini-rink 8' x8' or a strip 4' x 16' for puck/stick handling and shooting. Indoors or outdoors, in your basement, a garage or office!
MSRP per panel is $499, our price - $399!
$ 339/panel!

                          You save $200 on 2 panels!!!
40 new generation synthetic ice skating used panels 4'x4'

The best synthetic ice ever created. You probably may find a cheaper one, but never so good. Customers who skated on our rink say it was like a real ice, a way better than any other they had tried before.

Used only for 10 days during one Snow Fest event. Perfect condition, needs some cleaning only.
A new generation synthetic hockey/ice skating rink - recommended minimal size for ice hockey practicing and public ice skating.
Size: 48' x 100’ with NHL lines.
Our special distributor price - $55.900 ONLY !
You save: almost $ 15,000.00!!!
Other sizes (with and without lines) available!
Super-Glide Ultra synthetic ice is recommended for home use, smaller recreational or training rinks, and can be installed either indoors or outdoors. Ultra is outstanding for hockey training, figure skating, or recreational skating.
Contact us for estimates!
Skate and practice anytime!

Ask us about NEW rinks - home or commercial - and we promise you
to adjust the price so you'll recommend us to your friends!
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Synthetic, plastic ice? Yesterday, it sounded as weird as artificial grass long ago, today it is a reality. More and more people skate on it and less and less of them are surprised...
Sarasota Snow Fest December 2012
New and used synthetic ice skating rinks for sale and other ice rink equipment

New Handheld Ice Skate Sharpener!

The first ever rechargeable powered hand held skate sharpening device that uses a patent pending Diamond Coated "Tusk Technology".

It's a quick fix to an edge or edges that have received trauma during a hockey game or skating.

Works for hockey, goalie and figure skates.
Edge Again skate sharpener

New Dasher Board Systems!

A revolutionary new product designed to combine the best traits of the traditional dasherboard system with those of newer, more portable systems. Made of durable, rotationally-molded plastic, it is the perfect sport containment system for ice hockey, inline hockey, floor hockey, soccer, gaga, futsal, lacrosse, indoor football and more.
Contact us for estimates!

New Rental Ice Skates!

rental ice skates, skates for sale, skates on sale
Rental skate; innerboot with special material, quick to dry and to clean, liner with stop system (outstop). Buckles closure. Steel hockey blade specific for synthetic ice rinks.

Special Distributor price: $ 79/pair

Contact us for wholesale pricing!

We only sell skates we like and use ourselves!

New Ice Skate Sharpener!

iIt turns 3450 RPM which produces excellent surface feet per second speed with a 7” grinding wheel.
                                     Made in U.S.A

New Ice Rink Equipment

"I was able to pay off the loan within a month into the operation of my rink..."

Ricardo Betancourt Ramirez
(Operated Ponce Mall, Puerto Rico)
NHL Professionals Darin Hatcher, Alex Kovalev, and Alex Tanguay all enjoy skating on their personal Super-Glide home synthetic ice facilities.
Used synthetic ice panels
Used synthetic ice panels
Portable synthetic ice rink
used synthetic ice rink for sale
used synthetic ice rink for sale
New PRICE: $ 29.665 (valid until Aug. 31)
used synthetic ice rink for sale
$ 320 !!!
U SAVE $5,235!!!
Free shipping of new synthetic ice rink - valid thru April 2013
Continental USA, no Alaska
offer valid thru August 2013
New and used synthetic ice rinks
New and used synthetic ice rinks
New and used synthetic ice rinks
Synthetic ice rink for business

Used Synthetic Ice Rinks For Sale!

As a distributor and rink owner ourselves we offer you not only the best price, but our personalized service backed by our longtime expertise
Please see below pictures of some of our cliens' rinks:
New and used synthetic ice rinks
new and used synthetic ice rink
used synthetic ice rink for sale
used synthetic ice rink for sale
You can build a rink sized 20'x32', 16'x40' or any other to fit your space. All you need to install is a flat solid surface. Installation is easy, can be performed by one adult person in less than 30min. Portable. Durable (5 year warranty).
$1200 down from the retail price.
+ used 20 pairs of skates (perfect condition, different sizes, value of new $1,200)
+ 1 gal of skating enhancer ($99 value)
so you have a ready-to-go ice rink!

Invoice price:$ 7,400.00
New price: $5,900 (valid until Sept. 30)

Build your own home rink or start a great new business - permanent or mobile ice skating rink!